Join us and become a therapist in the most innovative treatment method That changed the lives of thousands of therapists and tens of thousands of patients!

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Studying the method of dimensions therapy will give you the ability to help people, earn a decent living and cure them from diseases and traumas

My name is Yuval Levy and I am the founder of Dimensions Therapy

In the therapist training process, I will revea the powerful tool that helped tens of thousands of patients to change their lives and liberate them from emotional or physical imbalance such as: depression, anxiety, diabetes, Crohn’s, etc.

What led to the discovery of the method?

As a child, the developer of the method, Yuval Levy, suffered from severe dyslexia and was unable to read more than five lines.

It made him frustrated and depressed, especially in light of the fact that his father, who was an ophthalmologist at the time, checked and found that his vision was completely normal!

Growing up, Yuval began exploring the world of therapy in a lengthy search for the answer to the question

“What is the source of all the diseases and disorders that develop in the human body?”

So he went on a journey that lasted more than 20 years…

During which he researched every possible, known and unknown, treatment method all over the world


Methods that handle the material


Energetic spiritual methods and academic studies




Homeopathy and movement theory

The ideas were formulated together and a “dimensions therapy” method was born.

After understanding the secret that exists in the scriptures of the Kabbalah,

While combining understandings with contemporary scientific research,

A unique way has been found to apply the same information in a life-changing healing process

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Today after 2 decades of treating and training hundreds of therapists,
I want to invite you to take part in the alternative medicine revolution!
I will reveal the secrets of mindfulness therapy for the transformation and healing of patients around the world.

How do you learn?

There are 3 Education programs available to you:

Basic level

You will learn the basics of comprehensive mind healing as a complete tool for dealing with different situations, so that upon completion of the training you will be able to treat people in different situations.

Advanced level

At this level we will deepen the knowledge about pathologies (disease-causing disorder mechanisms) and get to know the basis for subconscious commands, learn how consciousness affects the body and have a complete review of the command process through the brain gland to secrete hormonal substances.

Expert level

You will learn at the most rooted level all the body systems at the material, energetic and conscious level. You will learn about many subconscious commands related to pathologies in the body systems and dealing with complex conditions and serious diseases.

Does it fit your character?

If you..

You are exactly what we are looking for!

Why “dimensions therapy”?

Dimensions therapy is the most proven method today in the effectiveness of treatments.

Thousands of success stories are not wrong!

The mission of Dimensions Therapy College is to help and assist as many people as possible

To help people get out of the cycle of suffering, and make a good living while doing blessed things with a supreme mission.

We have arranged everything so that you get the best learning experience

Start treating from day one

You will have the opportunity to receive inquiries from patients from the college and start treating already in the initial stage, even before you have been recognized as a therapist!

Our closed community

You can join our alumni community and enjoy material sharing based on experience, receiving enrichment materials on a weekly basis and full support from field therapists

Enrichment materials

You will receive all the materials taught in the course in neat, designed and coherent files that will be used by you at all times.

Online Internship meetings

To provide you with a solid ground for a solid start, we set up internship sessions at the end of the theoretical study.

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Common questions:

Dimensions therapy is innovative and groundbreaking in the field of alternative medicine.

Unlike other treatment methods, it treats the root and source that created the disease or disability that the person experiences through cognitive precipitation treatment, and in addition it is based on lengthy studies in applied psychology.

It has been proven on thousands of patients and today its acceleration is only increasing.

The unique way in which it was developed by the psychotherapist Yuval Levy

Is the main reason why the method has become one of the most coveted today among therapists in Israel and around the world.

There is a lot of demand and it is only intensifying,
Especially during this period, the Covid-19 plague has brought people into loneliness, depression and crises, and many people need treatment from a qualified person for this.

The starting salary depends on various parameters, but in general it ranges from $150 to $300 for treatment.

Yes, after the course the college will do everything in its power to find you a job in this field and bring you the first patients to your clinic!
Dimensions therapy will give you access to patients she has gained from various sources throughout her years of activity and will help you integrate into the world of therapy easily after you graduate.