Advanced level

Dimensions Therapy Studies

The aim of this level is to bestow advanced knowledge upon anyone who wants to learn more and get a deeper understanding of our method.

Unlike Basic level training, here you undergo professional training and are awarded a Completion Certificate at the end, which allows you to practice as an official Dimensions Therapy therapist!

The training process will help you to help people, to understand what brought them to their problem, to learn how consciousness ultimately affects the body, and how to bring about change and resolve years of anxiety by only altering the consciousness!

At the Advanced level, we’ll use more professional language.

After completing the Basic level, we’ll explore the topics we are studying in detail in order to get a good understanding of them from every possible angle. We will review 3 physical systems:

  • The nervous system
  • The hormonal system
  • The digestive system

We’ll learn how subconscious commands are formed, how to release hopeless traumatic events, and to perform fascinating, effective healing procedures on people!

The unique teaching method we use in the course is the reason why many students choose to study with us.

And the truth? Rightly so.

We make sure you get the best learning experience

Incubation lessons
Incubation lessons, practical lessons, and demonstrations of the method in order to understand how to implement the material.

Internship sessions
To provide a stable basis for making a strong start, we offer internship sessions after completing the theoretical study. From here, you can go out and start treating patients.

Our closed community
You can join our community of graduates and enjoy sharing and exchanging experiences, getting new information and updates every week, and receiving full support from the college and from practicing therapists.

Start providing treatment from Day 1
You’ll be able to handle inquiries from patients of the college and start treating them immediately after graduation and certification as a therapist.

How long is the course?

The course takes place over a six-month period.

How do you study?

The course includes comprehensive theoretical and practical studies. Classes take place once a week in comfortable suitable classrooms in a central location easily accessible by public transportation.

What do you study?

On completing the training, you’ll be able to treat a wide range of cases and inquiries with a professional training certificate awarded by the Dimension Therapy College!

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