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Dimensions Therapy is a purposeful, effective psycho-physical combination based on applied psychology, informational medicine, physics, and Chinese medicine, all of it in the spirit of Judaism. The method was developed in Israel by the psychotherapist Yuval Nes Levy. In order to have a deeper understanding of how the method words, one needs to understand a number of basic concepts, mainly, what does our consciousness consist of?

Our consciousness is composed of 3 levels:
the superconscious, the conscious, and the subconscious/unconscious.
The superconscious:

This is the higher, superior part connected to our higher consciousness. This is the omniscient part, perfect and immaculate. It is the part connected to our soul, and related to the soul’s mission here in this life and its purpose, as well as to its connections to other souls.

The conscious:

The conscious is everything that we are conscious of at a given moment. It is considered the smallest part of our overall extensive consciousness. It is the thinking self-aware part. A normal self-aware person knows how to answer the questions: Where are you now?, Where have you been?, Where do you intend to go from here?

The subconscious:

Holds all that we are not conscious of. The subconscious is the main reservoir of our consciousness, and it contains within in, mental materials that have sunk down into its depths from the moment of conception until the present moment. These mental materials include feelings, emotions, and passions, as well as unpleasant information, beliefs, and memories. The subconscious plays the largest and most important part in terms of its effect on the human being. Information within it occasionally makes it through the threshold of the conscious and floods the conscious level.

Every time someone goes through a crisis or experiences a significant event in their life, it may leave mental baggage behind. It is not the experiences that a person goes through in his life that cause illness, but the mental baggage that remains and forms residues. In other words: the interpretation of the experiences that the person with the baggage is going through manifests as physical phenomena called pathologies or as a variety of other psychological phenomena.

In Dimensions Therapy, we focus on these connections between emotional charges and how they manifest as physical phenomena in the body. Every emotion/feeling/thought is associated to a specific part of the body, for example, an extremely scary event will affect the kidneys and a lot of arguing between spouses can lead to their children developing recurring ear infections. During the studies, the students get a deeper understanding of all the connections and even more – how to accurately locate the specific charges that were burned into the subconscious at a certain time and neutralize them and their impact on the patient’s life – and so bring mental and physical relief.

How do we do this?

Through a deep understanding of the concept of ‘cellular memory’ and learning how to work with these cellular memories:

Every biologist knows that human cells regenerate constantly.

On average, about 300 million cells of various types in the body die every minute.

On average, digestive cells regenerate every 6 days.

Skin cells regenerate approximately every 2–4 weeks (that is, every month, the skin covering our body is new skin!)

And all skeletal tissue (bone) in a human being regenerates every 7–10 years.

The question then becomes:

How is it that cells regenerate all the time while diseases hang around for years? The answer to this lies in the concept of cellular memory. Our cellular memory is made up of all the baggage we have accumulated that has turned into residue that has not yet been unloaded. In an unhealthy individual, the new cells produced by the body carry over the same thought/emotional/sensory information that exists in those individuals’ subconscious and, in this way, the individual ‘charges’ this information at the time of their regeneration without being aware of it. In this way, the individual can continue to have a particular disease also in the new cells that are being formed constantly because the mental information does not change.

Dimensions Therapy knows how to detect these cellular memories and neutralize them permanently, bringing full relief and resolution of a conflict or crisis!

Dimensions Therapy knows how to track down events and mental processes, and even knows how to explain the processes of formation of the various pathologies in great detail.

We teach about the subconscious command – the same command that the consciousness gives to the brain in different situations and causes various phenomena called pathologies.

If an individual who has experienced a difficult breakup or the death of a loved one experiences great loss and feels as if something has died inside them, that individual’s consciousness will mobilize immediately and give the body a subconscious command called the ‘resuscitation command’.  The consciousness, whose purpose is to protect us, understands that there is a problematic situation here and undertakes to help and revive the damaged system. It will communicate with the body through the glands in the brain, which will secrete hormonal substances that will manifest in the material – in the human body – in the form of blood pressure.

Each one of our graduates knows that in order to treat blood pressure, it is necessary to find the events that gave this command and, by neutralizing it, the blood pressure problem will be cured. This is one example of the many ways of treating matter through consciousness. Dimensions Therapy understands the mental processes and, through the consciousness, treats different life situations with great precision, speedily and powerfully.

And this is how the method was born:

Dimensions Therapy was born out of a lot of frustration because, as a child, I was dyslexic and couldn’t read more than 10 lines.

My late father was an ophthalmologist and saw my difficulty as me being lazy since I got good grades in mathematics, language, and biology, but I failed literature and history.

He remembered that during his medical studies, he had learnt various eye exercises, and got me to practice them as a psychological solution. The condition improved a little but didn’t go away.

Over the years. I was awarded a Bachelor’s degree, two practicums, and so on .. but I still have not come across anything that can cure this.

For me, to heal means to eliminate the disease, not to make it go away, not to alleviate it, not to relieve it, and not to contain it … but to heal it!

I could not accept the notion that there is no medication for some cases and that there are diseases that are incurable.

With this internal feeling, which has become a motto in my life, I set out to explore every possible method of treatment – familiar and unfamiliar – in Israel, Switzerland, England, the United States, Germany. I studied methods that treat matter, spiritual energy methods, academic studies, various therapies, kinesiology, practical Kabbalah, Judaism, various other Kabbalah methods, homeopathy, movement theory, and many more..

I refined my method, taking 5% from all the others, and slowly, slowly, the 3-dimensional method that we now call Dimensions Therapy began to take shape.

During the process, I came to understand that natural medicine is better than Western medicine, that natural substances are better than medications – which are not really medicines but drugs! Medicine, which comes from the Hebrew word for healing, is supposed to cure ailments. If a patient with high blood pressure forgets to take a pill one day, their blood pressure will go up – proving that the problem itself has not been treated and that there has been no cure. And, most importantly, I understood that each and every problem has to be cured from the root up.

Yuval Levy – the developer
of the method

Yuval Levy M.A. is a psychotherapist and counselor who lectures extensively both in Israel and abroad.

Yuval has a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy and is a certified psychotherapist. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology Studies (Social Sciences).

He has been trained in many modalities of alternative therapies in Israel and abroad.

Yuval is the developer of Dimensions Therapy, which is recommended by doctors, psychologists, and other therapists.

As part of his active military service, Yuval served as a Mental Health Officer in an elite unit.

He often takes part in discussions on body and mind issues in the media.

Yuval has extensive experience in private practice and as a lecturer.

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